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24/7 Real Time Quotes

Anytime, anywhere! Our portal is web based so can be accessed anywhere in the world, you no longer have to wait days for an insurer to return a quote.

Compare prices in seconds

Compare prices from 11 insurers up to 30 days in advance. Whether its new business or switch you will have your clients prices back in seconds.

Highly Customizable

Add logos to documents, incorporate insurer discounts, set commission rates, customize your own needs and demands letters. Our portal is far more than just a quote.

Beautiful Documents to PDF

Rapid quote is designed not just to work on a laptop or PC, if you're out and about it will be responsive to your screen size. Whether that be tablet or smart phone you can still get a quote in seconds.

Responsive Design

Rapid quote is designed not just to work on a laptop or PC, if you're out and about it will be responsive to your screen size, whether that be tablet or smart phone you can still get a quote in seconds.


Your clients data is paramount to us that's why you can be safe in the knowledge that all data stored with us is fully ssl 256 bit encrypted and data is backed up on 2 additional servers.

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Amazing dashboard

Our Dashboard keeps you up to date with the latest industry news and events. If something new is happening in the industry it's probably posted here first!

1. Facebook for advisors

A place where advisors, insurers and admin from rapid quote can talk, exchange ideas and answers questions

2. Featured products and Insurance News

Every month we focus on a different insurer with new and innovative products that may be coming to market.

3. Notice Board and Updates

If there are known faults or errors this will be the first place to look, our aim is to keep you constantly informed.

Latest updates will let you know of new software releases or if any new help guides have been released they will be posted here.

Rapid Quote UK user's Dashboard
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Beautiful features

Rapid quote has been designed with the broker in mind. It's quick, intuitive and most of all really easy to use. Our clean design means we have kept things simple and after a few days of using it, it will become second nature!

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Simple Yet Advanced

With our settings you don't have to leave a quote to change things around. Simply click on the cog and you can do it on the fly.

From here you can set commissions to see at a glance, insurer discounts and even what benefits you want your quote to show.

You are also able to create your own reasons why for suitability reports and much more.

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Hundreds of smiles


We have used the Rapid Quote portal pretty much since it launched, and we can’t praise it and the people behind it enough. The site pays for itself many times over due to the time saved compared to going to each individual insurer’s website to get quotes. You simply complete one form and bingo! A full set of quotes! Read More

- Martin Blain

Using Rapid Quote has saved us a great deal of time and has improved the service we can offer our clients. The portal is really user friendly - you can produce a market review covering the major insurers in seconds. Sending the client an attractive, professional illustration is just a couple of clicks more. Read More

- Adam Leyens

Rapid Quote is an invaluable tool for my business. Not only is it incredibly accurate but it is really quick and easy to use. Above all it fulfils all my Compliance requirements in a matter of minutes.

- Alan Marcus

Rapid Quote is a great tool for my business. It is quick to use and allows me the chance to quote quickly for my clients. A super tool which I am grateful to have.

- Liz Dorfman

I have been using the ‘Rapid Quote’ for a while now and can honestly say it has revolutionised the way we work within our office and has streamlined our processes. The individual quote system is invaluable and from the minute we started to use this element it has saved us so much time. Read More

- Emma Bradshaw

We have been using the Rapid Quote system now for just over a year and it really has been a fantastic addition to our company; it takes away the time consuming task of searching for the best providers, and allows you more time to focus on the actual advice you need to give. The system also makes a great tool for compliance too. I would highly recommend Rapid Quote to anyone in the PMI industry as it will make your life a lot easier.

- Scott Harrison
our pricing

Our Pricing & Plans

Basic Plan


  • Unlimited Quotes
  • Unlimited doc downloads
  • Benefit Comparisons
  • Fact Finds
  • Suitability Reports
Silver Plan


  • All of Basic Plus
  • Fact Find and Reports
  • SME Quoting
  • Client Portal CRM
  • Import Clients and Files
Gold Plan


  • All of silver plus
  • Full Client Portal CRM
  • Insurance Resource
  • Import clients and files
  • Live client document hub
our experts

Innovative team

Steve Warden

Director and Creator

Previously a broker for 15 years, Steve designed Rapid quote because he wanted every broker in the UK to have access to a quoting portal, not just the ones lucky enough to work for a network that has one in house. “I sincerely believe that myself and my team have designed the best solution for anyone who sells PMI, from customer experience to back office compliance, it took us a few years but we’ve eventually got there!”

Angelo Calabrese


Angelo brings his skills from the financial services sector and stellar business skills to Rapid Quote. He is responsible for dealing with high end corporate clients, api intergration with 3rd parties and is the point of contact for anything relating to our sister company Insurance Resource.

Cassie Marvin

Marketing Manager

Cassie is the latest member of the Rapid-Quote team, she brings with her marketing expertise in the financial services sector and an amazing knowledge of service level software. “Marketing isn’t just about us to our clients, it’s also about how we can help you, the user market to their clients and give them the edge over the competition.”

Tristan Flor

Head Developer

Tristan is our head developer and manages a small team of other developers. He has been with us over 3 years, without him we would not exist, his (and his developers) tireless dedication and commitment has made Rapid Quote what it is today. We create, they make it all happen!

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